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What disease can you know by looking at the wearing position of shoes?
From: Xianzheng Industrial Co.,Ltd Post date: 2020-04-20


 Wear shoes for a month, and the soles are worn out. Do you think you are too "a loser"? In fact, the shoes on our feet are just like the car tires. If the tires are always worn badly, we should pay attention to them.
Recently, there is a post on the Internet that "look at the worn position of shoes to know the disease", which has attracted a lot of people's attention. Orthopedic experts say that the sole will wear out when you walk normally, but if you find that the sole will wear out more than 20% within three months, you should pay attention to the bone problem, and it is recommended to check as soon as possible.


Wear on the outside of sole: possible arthritis risk
Foreign experts research: the wear center of normal shoes is in the middle of heel, and the inclination of about 4 degrees can be seen from the outside of heel, but if the inclination is greater than 4 degrees, it means that the force on the outside of heel is too much. In this case, due to the high bow foot, the weight tends to the outside of foot, resulting in the prominent wear on the outside of shoes. This way of walking is easy to lead to joint sprain and damage, and long-term uneven stress will also lead to the wear of knee cartilage, causing arthritis. This also puts pressure on the hip bones, causing long-term pain in the bones while sitting.
Yang Zengmin, director of orthopaedic department of Nanjing Hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, said that there is some truth to this statement. If the lateral wear of the heel is very serious, it is likely to indicate the existence of joint diseases.
Professor Lin Hua, an orthopaedic expert in Nanjing Gulou Hospital, once received a patient, who suffered from leg pain for a long time. During the consultation, Professor Lin found a detail, that is, the patient's shoes were "expensive". A pair of leather shoes were worn for three months, and the soles were worn askew, and some of them were worn out. Later, the imaging examination confirmed his judgment that the patient suffered from hip dysplasia and was always used to dragging his legs, resulting in severe wear of shoes. Because of no symptoms, it is difficult to find the disease early. Generally, the problem of hip joint is not found until the pain occurs at the age of 50.
Wear on the inside of sole: flat foot or poor lumbar spine
Foreign experts research: if there is obvious wear on the inner heel, it may be caused by knee varus or flatfoot. If the arch of the foot is flat, the foot will tilt inward when landing in the middle of the foot, resulting in wear and protruding of the inner heel. Flatfoot greatly reduces the elastic function of the foot, makes the calf muscles over work and more tense, which may lead to frequent cramps or swelling of the medial ankle joint. This way of walking can also lead to a tilt of the front pelvis, which can lead to back pain.
Although the wear of the outside heel is the mainstream, there are also some people who wear the inside of the heel badly. Yang Zengmin said that when they walk, because the body more pressure gathered in the inner side of the foot, increased the contact opportunity between the inner side of the foot and the ground, and increased the joint pressure invisibly. With the increase of age, it may cause knee joint pain and even lumbar discomfort.
Wear on the outside of big toe: it may be that high heels are worn too much
Foreign experts research: the abrasion of the outer side of the big toe is mostly caused by hallux valgus, that is, the joint inclination between the big toe and the foot is more than 15 degrees. When walking, these patients tend to lift their heels too early, putting too much pressure on their big toes.
Yang Zengmin, director of Orthopedic Department of Nanjing Hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, said that many big toe valgus is congenital, but it may also be caused by long-term downward stretching of the toes due to sitting, often wearing high-heeled shoes, etc.
"Big toe valgus is the most common condition in ankle surgery in China." GUI Jianchao, chief orthopaedic physician of Nanjing No. 1 hospital, said, especially pointed high-heeled shoes. Because the upper is not elastic leather, the foot is forced into a narrow triangle area, which will force the toe to turn out, and the toe to turn in. Some beauty loving women have symptoms such as unable to walk for a long distance, pain in their toes, calluses on the sides of their feet and so on. Those who are serious can only be corrected by surgery.
Wear at the mouth: it means your shoes don't fit
Foreign experts research: this kind of situation is mostly caused by too large shoes. When walking, the foot often rubs the mouth of the shoe to adapt to the too large shoes, resulting in the wear of the inside of the mouth. If the shoes are large, the friction between the forefoot and the insole will also increase, which can also be seen from the wear degree of the front part of the insole. Repeated friction will cause heel blistering, plantar fasciitis and so on. Due to excessive force on the forefoot, it will also cause acute pain in the tibia and lower leg.
Yang Zengmin, director of the company, said that the main reason for the wear of shoes is that they don't fit properly when choosing shoes, so the first factor for choosing shoes is to fit comfortably.

Unsymmetrical wear of sole of both feet: it may be "long leg"
The most typical symptom is that the legs are not the same. Besides congenital, the causes of long and short legs may also be caused by pelvis tilt.
Yang Zengmin said that when a person's foot is injured, he will deliberately avoid exerting force on the injured side, which will form a protective limp, and may also cause uneven force on both legs, resulting in significantly different wear of the sole of both feet.
Expert tip: wear and tear in a short period of time, then you should be careful
Feet, knees, lumbar vertebrae, cervical vertebrae, etc. should be in balance under normal physiological conditions; if there is any deviation or imbalance in any part, it will be transmitted to the feet by gravity. If the normal gait is destroyed, the repeated friction will be reflected by the wear of the sole. However, the sole wear, must be a problem with the waist and legs?
"Not necessarily." Yang Zengmin said that the body is not absolutely balanced when people walk, so it is normal for shoes to wear. "As long as left and right wear is symmetrical, wear is not particularly exaggerated, don't care too much." Experts say shoes wear is inevitable, but if every pair of shoes wear seriously in a short period of time, we should pay attention to whether there is a problem with the body's joints. "Generally speaking, if the new shoes are worn out within 1 / 5 in 6 months, it is normal. If the wear is more than 1 / 5 within 3 months, it can basically be judged that it may be caused by physical problems or unhealthy walking habits. "
If every pair of shoes is severely worn in a short period of time, or suddenly the bottom of the shoes is worn faster than before, it is necessary to consider whether there is something wrong with the joints of the body.
Incorrect walking posture: can damage the body
Prawn bow walking: many young people walk with their heads bowed, necks and shoulders tilted forward, which may cause changes in the S-shape of the normal physiological curvature of the spine, and the surrounding muscles, ligaments and soft tissues are in a rigid state for a long time; when they walk, their heart rate and breath speed up, because of which, the chest can not be opened, which will affect the cardiopulmonary function.
Walking without swinging arms: many young people who like to play cool don't like swinging arms when they walk, which is easy to cause back pain and injury. When you walk with your left leg forward, your spine will rotate to the right and your right arm will swing. vice versa. Therefore, both arms should swing naturally when walking. However, many people, especially young people, are playing with their mobile phones when they walk, or putting their hands in their pockets when it's cold, which may cause back pain or even injury.

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